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Attorney in Plano Texas: John Meazell

Meazell FamilyThe Law Offices of John Meazell was formed by senior attorney, John G. Meazell. Mr. Meazell was born in 1963 and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended W.T. White High School and graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He then entered the University of Tulsa’s Juris Doctorate program and graduated law school in the top third of his class.

In 1995, Mr. Meazell began his professional legal career by forming his own "solo" practice directly out of law school. During this time, he discovered that the problem solving skills he obtained while pursuing his Physics degree also applied to the practice of law. Much like solving a physics problem, solving a legal issue requires addressing the problem from many different angles. Mr. Meazell takes pride in the fact that when he is confronted with difficult legal questions, he can address and provide solutions from a variety of angles to accomplish the goals of his client.

Immediately upon the opening of his practice, Mr. Meazell found himself litigating cases and interacting one on one with clients. Unlike new attorneys working for large law firms who may not try a case themselves for years, Mr. Meazell litigated and tried cases early on in his legal career. In the beginning, to get his sea legs, Mr. Meazell litigated in small claims court where he learned to think quickly on his feet. Even though it is rare these days that he finds himself in small claims court, this previous experienced prepared him well in litigating cases in the District and County courts. Mr. Meazell has represented both plaintiffs and defendants. This experience has taught him that no matter what side you are on, in order to anticipate one’s opponent, one must always consider what the other side is going to say or do. Failing to take into consideration your opponent’s position may prove fatal to the client’s case.

When Mr. Meazell takes on representation of a client, there is generally a strong connection that develops between the two. Despite empathizing with his clients, Mr. Meazell is careful to maintain an objective perspective regarding all legal matters. One of Mr. Meazell’s top goals is to make sure that his clients come to implicitly trust his counsel. It is this desire that motivates Mr. Meazell to provide representation that is wise, strategic, complete, logical and well thought out. As a result of Mr. Meazell’s trustworthiness and compassion, the primary source of his new clientele comes directly from referrals by his own clients.

Mr. Meazell is married to his college sweetheart, who likewise was born and raised in Dallas. They are the proud parents of three children, are both Christians and are long-standing members of their church