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Plano Law Firm: Law Office of John Meazell

Click Here for Free Case Evaluaton.The Law Office of John G. Meazell is a Texas Law Firm committed to providing you with the highest standards of legal service. With the office located in Plano, Texas, the Firm is pleased to serve clients in the Dallas County and Collin County areas.

The Law Firm provides experienced, dedicated and responsive legal services in a wide range of legal matters, including:

John G. Meazell has twenty years of trial experience and advising clients on a wide range of legal problems. Mr. Meazell’s experience enables him to provide practical, objective and well thought out solutions. Mr. Meazell has litigated over a hundred cases either through settlement or trial and routinely advised companies on a vast array of legal issues.

The firm is very familiar with the workings of the courts in McKinney and Dallas. The Firm does not limit itself to just representing plaintiffs or defendants. Historically, the Firm’s representation of clients is evenly divided between plaintiffs and defendants. We believe this enables us greater objectivity in analyzing legal issues.

Effective legal counsel requires that a matter be fully examined and various strategies be outlined to meet the goals set forth by the client. In that connection, the Firm leaves no stone unturned as we investigate, collaborate and analyze options for resolving the client's legal problems and meeting these goals. Methodical and meticulous in our legal research, we do everything necessary to help our clients achieve their legal and business objectives.

Our business clients value our services and will typically use us as a sounding board for projects or ideas they have in their business. We often find new business clients are personally referred to us by our existing business clients. Having an experienced lawyer is essential when you are sued or are seeking advice on whether to file suit. Moreover, Mr. Meazell is humbled by the number of fellow lawyers who have sought him out for advice on their own personal legal matters. Whether you are involved in commercial litigation, have a real estate matter or need a business lawyer, our Firm can assist you in navigating through your legal issues. If you discover you need assistance with a transactional matter or you cannot resolve a dispute despite all your attempts to amicably do so, we would be honored to provide you exceptional and experienced legal services.

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