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Lawyer in Plano TX: Testimonials

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John Meazell has been my attorney since approximately 1995.

I came in contact with Mr. Meazell as a referral from a friend and asked him to handle a lemon law case involving a motorcycle. The outcome of the case was very favorable to me and I had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Meazell and his character through this opportunity.

It is my experience that Mr. Meazell has reflected high moral, ethical and legal values throughout my relationship with him. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to work with him as my previous experience with numerous attorneys was usually cold, distant and even abrasive in most cases.

Mr. Meazell not only took an extremely close look at my case but also got to know my family and me in the process.

I am the Owner and Broker of a couple of Real Estate Companies and run a successful business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas as well as in the Houston metropolitan area.

My companies and I personally have engaged Mr. Meazell on numerous issues and circumstances over the years with positive results.

I consider Mr. Meazell to be an excellent attorney as well as a friend to my family and me.


David Lair
Metro Solutions L.L.C.